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Favorite Cars of Derrick Pedranti

Derrick Pedranti and Cars

Each of us has a favorite car or cars. Some car enthusiasts enjoy researching the automobiles they like — many can often recite all the features and specifications. This website outlines a few cars recommended by Derrick Pedranti.

Personally I'm not much of an enthusiast but I do enjoy riding around in my car. Like most others I can't say I enjoy traffic but I do enjoy road trips and sometimes just driving around. I find it can be quite relaxing especially when you don't have to be at a certain place at a certain time.

This website outlines my three favorite brands of cars: Honda, Lexus and Porsche. Each of these cars is very different and I like them for different reasons. Honda is quite economical, for example, while a Porsche is more sporty and fun.

Please peruse this site to learn more about these cars and why I like them.

Thank you,

Derrick Pedranti

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