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I don't own a Porsche nor do I know if I ever will. They are pricey. But the Porsche has always been my favorite sports car since I was a little kid. In my youth some of my buddies liked Ferraris while others wanted a Corvette. The Porsche has always been my favorite.

I always enjoyed their sleek body style and the fact that they are small and fast. As with most other aficionados the 911 was my favorite model and of course, in the color red.

I actually visited the Porsche factory in Stuttgart while traveling overseas. They are manufactured there, some of it done by hand.

Porsche has received several awards from J.D. Power and Associates and Luxury Institute, New York.

Thank you,

Derrick Pedranti

* This write-up offers Derrick Pedranti's personal perspective about the Porsche.

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